Live Meetings


February 16, 2017 Agenda

  • 1:00 Call to Order
  • 1:10 Approve 2/16 agenda; 12/8/16 minutes
  • 1:15 Election Updates
  • 1:40 SE EMS Conference-SMRTAC Booth
  • 1:45 Financial Report
  • 1:50 BCon Instructor Update
  • 2:00 Break
  • 2:15 May-Trauma Awareness Month/5K
  • 2:30 PMG Updates
  • 2:45 SMRTF and Subcommittee Updates
  • 3:00 Adjourn

11 Responses to Live Meetings

  1. mbj03 says:

    anyone out there?

  2. 4nuts says:

    On website and listening

  3. theresahager says:

    Theresa Hager is on live feed

  4. mbj03 says:

    Awesome, let me know if there are any tech issues we can help with

  5. Robben says:

    Robben is online, but now ads have taken over?

  6. Jennifer McLaughlin says:

    I am going to try to stream live today if it works!

  7. Dave Kohs says:

    Dave Kohs has been watching you

  8. Sherrie says:

    Conference Call has been working also. Thanks for connecting!

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