Web Developer Team

Please email us with any submissions, edits, or suggestions.

Our Leaders

Chair: Denise Klinkner, MD
Vice-Chair: Pam Williams, RN
Secretary: Angela Schrader, RN

Voting Members
Dispatch Agency Representative, Jill Bondhus
Level I Representative, Denise Klinkner, MD
Level III Representative, Robert Morris, MD
Level IV Representative, Angela Schrader, RN
Level IV Provider, Laura Walker, MD
Trauma Medical Director, Bethany Corliss daRocha, MD
EMS Agency Representative, Karla Eppler
Regional EMS Representative, Don Hauge
Disaster Planning Specialist, Vicki Neidt
Injury Prevention Specialist, Todd Emanuel, RN
Pediatric Specialist, Laurie Mc Levis, RN
Regional Data Registry Specialist, Mike Juntunen

Administrative Staff
SMRTAC Co-coordinator, Sherrie Lejcher
SMRTAC C0-coordinator, Gwen Meyer


Please take a few minutes to browse the site and see what you can find. As months and years pass we know this site will become a valuable tool for you to utilize for your specific needs. Please remember that this site is relatively new and looking for creative ideas. We need your input to make this site great. Please email any comments, suggestions or concerns to us so we can review them to see how best to utilize your ideas.

One Response to Contacts

  1. Craig Rayman says:

    Looking for Peggy B.

    for the diving simulator to use for our student / parent meeting for driver education classes in Glenville-Emmons Schools .

    June 6th at Glenville-Emmons High School 5:30.


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