The SMRTAC Trauma Coordinator Orientation Manual for Level IV Trauma Centers is Here!

Trauma Program Managers/Trauma Coordinators are often responsible for many different programs within their facility and having a resource available such as this manual will provide some assistance in the running of the trauma program.  Trauma Medical Directors must read this manual and support the Trauma Program Manager/Trauma Coordinator in running the trauma center.

TraumaCoordinatorManualCoverPage Downloadable PDF is available HERE.
©2015 SMRTAC.  All rights reserved.

Disclaimer:  This manual is not intended to replace the individual trauma center’s orientation process.  This manual is intended to provide the Trauma Coordinator/Trauma Program Manager who is new to the role some helpful tools in understanding and building your individual trauma center.  The contributing authors share their experience and knowledge to facilitate the transitional role of the new Trauma Program Manager/Trauma Coordinator. 

The Trauma Program Manager/Trauma Coordinator will be referred to in this manual as the Trauma Coordinator (TC). 

 Information contained in this manual is current as of the date of publication.  Please continue to update information as it becomes available.

SMRTAC Meeting – Thursday, December 10, 2015
MnDOT Headquarters, Owatonna

SMRTAC is a collaborative effort of the Southeastern and South Central EMS regions’ trauma providers organized from the statewide trauma system.  SMRTAC was approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Health in December 2009.

For information regarding SMRTAC please visit their website: www.smrtac.org

Next meeting October 8, 2015, 1:00 p.m.

MnDOT Headquarters, 1010 21st Avenue NW, Owatonna, MN

Subcommittee Meetings
10:00am – to be determined

Pre-Meeting Education
To be determined

Regular Session:
1:00 pm-3:00 pm [pending]

Participate remotely by clicking on our LIVE VIDEO tab

Conference Call-In 1-866-365-4406 / access code 5383740

Coming up: 2016 SMRTAC Dates coming soon

Southern MN Regional Trauma Foundation (SMRTF) is designated as a non-profit organization!

The Internal Revenue Service has designated the Foundation as a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Regional Practice Management Guidelines Approved!

Through the state’s designation visits, there were several consistent practice inconsistencies identified and SMRTAC, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Trauma Centers at the October 13th Performance Improvement Seminar held in Welch MN, the participants developed these guidelines.  SMRTAC’s goal with these PMGs is to share guidance in standardization of trauma care in our region.  Please review these PMGs, use as a reference for PMGs in your trauma care, and provide feedback.  SMRTAC will provide education, implementation, and monitoring of these guidelines.  The guidelines are listed in the left hand column under SMRTAC.

Pediatric Resources

The Pediatric Subcommittee has approved a suggested list of pediatric specific equipment list for the care of the injured pediatric patient. Other resources such as normal vital signs and pediatric GCS are also nmow available as a reference.  Please review the links found in the Pediatric Subcommittee folder on this page.  Any suggestions or comments are welcome and will be communicated with the Co-Chairs of this committee that are posted via the comment link on this page.

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